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Swing/Play Sets

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Swing/Play sets are allowed in the subdivision but must be approved prior to installation. The following items are reviewed as part of the approval process.

  1. Style, size, materials and colors of the swing/play set
    1. swing sets need to be constructed of natural materials - preferably from redwood or cedar
    2. only small, simple swing sets are allowed - no forts or covered structures
    3. the colors of the swing set and all accessories need to blend in well with your home's natural colors should be used (such as green slides rather than yellow)
  2. Location of the swing/play set on the lot
    1. swing sets need to be placed close to your home so that they don't obstruct your neighbor's view of the golf course.

The intent is to allow for a swing/play set designed for smaller children that blends in well with your home and does not obstruct your neighbors' view of the golf course. This is the criteria used in the approval process and is in keeping with the original links style design of the development.

Sample photos of the style of swing/play sets that would meet approval are shown below. Use the Architectural Review Submittal SHORT form to submit your design for approval.

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