Stone Ridge Homeowners' Association

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Stone Ridge Homeowners' Association

Welcome to the Stone Ridge Golf Club Homeowners Web-site,

The Board of Trustees of the Stone Ridge Golf Club Homeowners’ Association has established this web-site to provide our membership with a convenient source of information concerning topics of general interest.  Everyone who is an owner of a residential lot within the Stone Ridge Golf Club is a member of the Association.  The Association was formed in 2001 and is managed by a seven person Board of Trustees, the officers of which are elected annually from amongst the Trustees.  The Association pays no compensation to any Trustee or officer.  The Association is required to hold annual meetings for the purpose of electing Trustees and transacting other business.

The primary purpose of the Association is to preserve and protect the attractiveness, character and value of the Stone Ridge development for the benefit of all members.

Specific responsibilities of the Association include:

  • Preparing an annual budget, determining and collecting an annual assessment.
  • Enforcing the rules of the Association and the restrictions of the subdivision including oversight of architectural approvals for new construction and on-going modifications.
  • Maintenance of the common areas (entrances and cul-de-sacs, except those that are managed by separate villa Homeowners Associations)
  • Act on behalf of its members in areas of their interest

We are proud of our great community.  As it continues to grow and mature, we are committed to sustaining Stone Ridge as a premier residential community.  With the cooperation of our friendly and caring homeowners, we are confident that this goal is achievable.  We look forward to your interest and participation in our Association.


The Board of Trustees of the Stone Ridge Golf Club Homeowners’ Association, Inc.


Important  for all homeowners.

Recently there have been complaints by residents of two issues which can be easily resolved.

First: Several dog owners in Stone Ridge walk their dogs but do not clean up after them when they leave messes on lawns. It is your responsibility to “curb” your dog. Please take measures to be a responsible resident and clean up after your beloved pet.

Please refer to City of Bowling Green Class A Civil Offense 90.04.

Second: It is also reported that some residents are allowing their dog to roam at large and not be exercised on leash. This results in that animal either creating unwanted debris in others yards or as potential harm to a dog that may be innocently tethered in its yard.

Please refer to City of Bowling Green Class A Civil Offense 90.02.


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DISCLAIMER:  The information contained in the website is for guidance only and should not be relied on. The information on this website is not intended to render legal advice and is general information only.